”All of Me” Collection- Limited Edition

Introducing our 'All of Me' Limited Edition Valentine's Collection – a celebration of love and empowerment, meticulously crafted in the heart of Kenya by talented women artisans.

Each piece tells a story of passion, resilience, and the unique spirit of Kenyan craftsmanship. Embrace the essence of love with our exclusive designs that capture the beauty of the season.

From intricate details to bold statements, these garments are a true reflection of the dedication and artistry of the women behind them. Elevate your Valentine's Day style with fashion that not only speaks to the heart but also supports the hands that bring it to life.

This collection is not just clothing; it's a manifestation of love, unity, and the remarkable strength of women. Embody the spirit of 'All of Me' – because every stitch, every thread, and every piece is a testament to the extraordinary love we share, made with love in Kenya.

Join the Sustainable Revolution

Since 2013, Zia has been a leading clothing brand in the Kenyan fashion industry. What started out as a side hustle, has become a movement to champion sustainable fashion in Africa.

Zia is a #MadeinKenya sustainable clothing brand that provides quality, unique and timeless pieces for the aspirational woman.

Our mission is to create high-quality, sustainable clothing that is both fashionable and environmentally responsible. We believe that fashion should not come at the cost of the planet, and we are committed to reducing our environmental impact through every step of our production process.

By 2025, the Zia sustainability strategy aims to drive the brand to become the leading platform for sustainable fashion in Africa.

We hope through our collections, you're inspired to join the sustainable revolution.